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Collapse of Civilization: Terrifying Twitter Thread Exposes How Humans Are Now Endangered Species

A dreadful Twitter thread lays out why a decline in fertility has put humans on the verge of a civilizational collapse.

From a chemical bombardment in the clothes we wear to sterilants in the ultra-processed foods we eat, @AlpacaAurelius details how human fertility is being assaulted every day on multiple unseen levels at an unprecedented scale.

The devastating population collapse situation has recently been highlighted by Twitter CEO Elon Musk, who’s warned it’s “potentially the greatest risk to the future of civilization.”

Infowars has also covered the work of top reproductive epidemiologist Dr. Shanna H. Swan, whose book, Count Down: How Our Modern World Is Threatening Sperm Counts, Altering Male and Female Reproductive Development, and Imperiling the Future of the Human Race, details why she believes men could be completely sterile by 2045.

Read @AlpacaAurelius’ thread below to learn why humans now meet the criteria for an endangered species:

There's a deluge of chemicals today poisoning us:

if you're an average person using regular soaps, deodorants, shampoos, body washes, conditioners, hair products, makeup, you're ingesting over 200+ chemicals + heavy metals a day, all linked to infertility

— Carnivore Aurelius ©🥩 ☀️🦙 (@AlpacaAurelius) January 14, 2023

#1 Seed oils

Seed oils nuke the gonads.

In men, they accumulate in the testes, causing lots of oxidative stress. They prevent binding of androgens to the receptor & block osteocalcin, necessary for T production

They're also "remarkably estrogenic" and toxic to ovaries pic.twitter.com/TVTMTAUOqa

— Carnivore Aurelius ©🥩 ☀️🦙 (@AlpacaAurelius) January 14, 2023

#3 Phthalates

Phthalates are one of the most destructive forces in the environment today

They are toxic to both the ovaries and testes.

They're found in soaps, shampoos, cosmetics, hair sprays and many foods. pic.twitter.com/jwXXG2Ywh0

— Carnivore Aurelius ©🥩 ☀️🦙 (@AlpacaAurelius) January 14, 2023


Before BPA was repurposed to line plastic, it was actually studied as a synthetic estrogen mimicker.

BPA lowers thyroid, blocks androgen receptors, and increases estrogen — a trifecta wreaking havoc on fertility.

It's found in plastic, receipts, food. pic.twitter.com/NyoIaBQ8fe

— Carnivore Aurelius ©🥩 ☀️🦙 (@AlpacaAurelius) January 14, 2023

#6 Pesticides

Pesticides are everywhere today…not just on the food, but in the water and even the air.

Two to note: glhpypsate and atrazine.

Glyphosate is estrogenic and can disrupt thyroid function.

Atrazine has been shown to completely feminize 10% of male frogs pic.twitter.com/R2XLN21Eqp

— Carnivore Aurelius ©🥩 ☀️🦙 (@AlpacaAurelius) January 14, 2023

#8 Phone in pocket

From Dr. Huberman

According to studies on both animal and humans, long term exposure to mobile phone radiation reduces both testosterone and sperm quality. https://t.co/70pXVdMfiF

— Carnivore Aurelius ©🥩 ☀️🦙 (@AlpacaAurelius) January 14, 2023

#10 Endotoxins & gut irritants

Anything that irritates your gut will increase endotoxin production. These endotoxins translocate and make their way to the testes, reducing testosterone production and sperm quality.

Most people are bombarded with these endotoxins all day. pic.twitter.com/swVl1Ck4yg

— Carnivore Aurelius ©🥩 ☀️🦙 (@AlpacaAurelius) January 14, 2023

Fertility is about to be the new scarce asset.

Cut out all of this junk. Eat a nutrient dense diet. Get some sunlight. Ground barefoot daily.

And make a lot of babies to help build a better future.

— Carnivore Aurelius ©🥩 ☀️🦙 (@AlpacaAurelius) January 14, 2023

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