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‘Sexualized Bronze Blob’: Woke $10 Million Martin Luther King Jr. Sculpture Widely Mocked

The city of Boston unveiled a $10 million sculpture meant to honor Martin Luther King Jr., but the bizarre and oddly sexual appearance of the monument elicited mostly negative reactions.

The monument, called The Embrace, was unveiled on the Boston Common on Friday to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Coretta Scott King and the “love they shared with the world,” NBC reported.

The sculpture apparently is based off a photograph of Dr. King and Coretta embracing.

But that didn’t seem to translate so well into a giant bronze sculpture, with social media reacting with disgust and ridicule to the monument’s suggestive features.

The original photo this inspired was beautiful and perfect. Why not just honor that with a replica instead of this horrible odd weirdly sexualized bronze blob… #mlksculpture #MLK pic.twitter.com/8COvxHhEoP

— Shireen Qudosi (@ShireenQudosi) January 15, 2023

“I have a nightmare…” pic.twitter.com/VLAUwFLfdK

— Michael Knowles (@michaeljknowles) January 15, 2023

The concept that the City of Boston approved was less penisey. pic.twitter.com/Fh8N4AhbMY

— Taylor Day (@TABYTCHI) January 15, 2023

Didn’t realize MLK loved to eat ass so much pic.twitter.com/EBR3y4YP9y

— Chrissie Mayr🇺🇸 (@ChrissieMayr) January 14, 2023


— Silent Memejority (@memejority) January 14, 2023

Choose wisely pic.twitter.com/jWJje21Try

— Andrew McCarthy (@AMcCarthyNY) January 14, 2023


— Mostly Peaceful Memes (@MostlyPeacefull) January 15, 2023

When they unveil the MLK statue: pic.twitter.com/13xI34QIPU

— Prison Mitch (@MidnightMitch) January 14, 2023

There’s a debate about whether the sculpture resembles a giant donger or eating ass. Which is it? pic.twitter.com/TvtaFATGiX

— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) January 14, 2023

is this a pic.twitter.com/p3RzyaXFeB

— charles khan meme bastard (@mask_bastard) January 14, 2023

😂 pic.twitter.com/mlsi7bxW8x

— Dumbass Photoshop (@DumbassPhotoshp) January 14, 2023


— Sal the Agorist (@SallyMayweather) January 15, 2023


— john (@johnhackerla) January 15, 2023

So depending on the angle, the new MLK statue either looks like:

A) Oral.
B) Someone holding a giant turd.
C) Someone holding a giant penis.
D) A giant butthole.

But if you criticize it you’re a racist. pic.twitter.com/JW8U2dCTh2

— Patrick Jolicoeur (Hemlock Podcast) (@pattyjolicoeur) January 15, 2023

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